Smoke & Mirrors: The Ryan Gosling of Cocktail...

Smoke & Mirrors: The Ryan Gosling of Cocktails

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Smoke & Mirrors launches a brand new cocktail menu with more to it than meets the eye.

Developed by Head Bartender Yugnes Susela and his team, The Playful Eye menu consists of ten progressive cocktails that use culinary techniques to artfully present an intricate play on names, presentation and flavours.

Challenging standards of traditional cocktail classification like style and strength of spirit base, the concoctions on the new menu engage all senses by using culinary techniques, original flavours and presentation styles that are typically associated with food.

A highlight of the new menu is the unique garnishes used in each of the cocktails to represent Smoke & Mirrors’ essence of mirage and magic. From the cloud meringue used in Cloud & Air to the edible ‘soil’ in Smoke & Mirrors, you will be in for a night of delightful surprises and debauchery.

Aside from new cocktails, you can also check out their curated list of spirits, bound to satisfy even the most discerning connoiseurs.

Smoke & Mirrors
1 St. Andrew's Road
#06-01, National Gallery 
Singapore 178957
Opening hours / Information:
Monday to Friday: 3pm to 1am
Saturday & Sunday: 12pm to 2am

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Price: ●●●●

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