It’s oysters galore at Ginett Restaurant �...

It’s oysters galore at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar

Ginett Oyster - Food on Fork

For a limited time only, an oysters festival fit for royalty will make its debut at Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar.

Specially imported by Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar, the Royal Oyster Grand Cru de France is a vintage, special deep-cupped oyster harvested in a naturally-iodized environment. This noble shellfish is a product of a rigorous selection and is traditionally matured in the Artouan marsh south of Marenes, on the Atlantic coast of France.

The Royal Oyster sure does deserve its letters of nobility, having being savoured by the likes of King Louis XIV of France with over 300 years of heritage, is no ordinary feat.

From now until 31 October, you can indulge in Royal Oyster’s signature varieties, which include oyster La Royale N1, La Royale N3, Wild Oyster N3 and Fine Selection. With prices starting at $5 only per oyster, you can order them by the dozens, half a dozen, in threes or á la carte.f oysters are your true love, you should order the 1-metre board without any hesitation.

And if oysters are your true love, we highly recommend ordering the 1-metre board with no hesitation. C’est la vie!


*All images are shot on a Nikon D7500

Ginett Restaurant & Wine Bar
200 Middle Road
Singapore 188980

Opening hours / Information:
Daily: 6am to 2am
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Price: ●●●

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