Holy shiitake! Mushroom Kingdom’s chips are ...

Holy shiitake! Mushroom Kingdom’s chips are the bomb


The perfect snack from the Mushroom Kingdom that won’t ruin your diet, now available islandwide at a 7-Eleven store near you.

‘Healthy snacking’ is a buzzword that has been thrown around quite a lot with more and more people paying attention to what they eat and considering healthier food options. While all of that is nice and fancy, any word associated with snacking is definitely music to one’s ears, especially if you are a serial snacker.

If you are looking for the perfect munchies to snack on without the guilt, lo and behold, Mushroom Kingdom’s Shitake Chips! The latest healthy snack to conquer every 7-Eleven store in Singapore. Available in Orginal and Wasabi flavours, each bag is filled with crunchy whole Shiitakes that have gone through slow dehydration and air frying process to retain the nutrients and shape of mushrooms.

Harvested from organic farms in Yunlin, Taiwan, shiitake mushrooms are carefully selected before they are being sent for a unique dehydration process for six hours. After that, they are air-fried for a crunchy bite then lightly sprinkled with seasoning before they are packed into bags for sale.

Our honest review: It may look like a shrivelled up mushroom, but these mushroom chips are strangely addictive. Flavourful with the right crunch, it’s quite hard not to finish the entire pack in one sitting! 10/10

Mushroom Kingdom
Available at 7-Eleven stores

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