Meal Belly Introduces Green Caviar

Meal Belly_Green Caviar_Food on Fork

Green Caviar: The superfood of the oceans!

You can now purchase this superfood online from Meal Belly, Singapore’s latest gourmet ingredient e-retailer. If you’re wondering what the heck is Green Caviar? It is actually an edible species of seaweed that resembles little grapes, scientifically known as Caulerpa Lentillifera or more loosely known as sea grapes.

Harvested predominantly from Okinawa Japan, Green Caviar is packed with minerals, low in calories and has many health benefits such as: anti-oxidant, anti-viral, hypolipidaemic and anti-cancer properties. It is also more commonly used in the cosmetic industry as an additive for anti-inflammatory and skin-lightening products.

If you are wondering how the Green Caviar taste like? Not too far off the real deal (to be honest) – succulent texture and salty like the sea. You can pair the superfood with almost anything! Whether as a topping for your poké bowl or you salad, or as a snack that goes with your beer, or even with your Yu Sheng this Chinese New Year.

Prices begin from SG$12 for 100g (about 5 servings). If you are interested, check out to purchase and also for recipes on how you can enjoy this superfood!

Meal Belly-Green Caviar-Food on ForkMeal Belly-Green Caviar-Food on ForkMeal Belly-Green Caviar-Food on ForkMeal Belly-Green Caviar-Food on Fork


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