Cafe Sunset Blvd


Cafe Sunset Blvd, is a cosy little cafe located off the beaten track of Seoul’s bustling metropolis in Jongno-gu.

Still fairly new in the area, Cafe Sunset Blvd serves quite a limited selection of mostly savoury baked goods. According to the friendly ajusshi, whom we are guessing could very well be the owner too, recommends us to try the most popular item on the menu, which is the Korean Croquette.

The Korean Croquette is quite different to the Japanese version and is almost like a doughnut or bun even; due to its fluffy inside and crispy outer texture. It is also available in a few flavours such as, mixed veggies, curry potato, red bean and more.

Quite frankly, as the friendly ajusshi spoke minimal English, the only words we could make out was “mixed veggies and curry potato”, so those were the two flavours we tried. Although lost in translation, we got to try a damn good Korean Croquette and even managed to exchange some banter whilst typing profusely on Google translate. I guess food is kind of the universal language that brings people together after-all.


Cafe Sunset Blvd
 Jongro gu Iksun dong 116-2
Opening hours / Information:
 Daily: 10am to 9pm
+82 6489 1107
Price: ●●

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