Häagen-Dazs raise the bar with Mini


Häagen-Dazs stick bars are now available in mini size and comes in four iconic flavours!

You can finally indulge without feeling the guilt! Häagen-Dazs recipes start with real cream, milk, sugar and eggs, and are crafted in France. With every bite of these pocket-sized treats, you get to taste the rich flavours of Häagen-Dazs ice cream as indulgent as it always is. Half the size of its normal stick bars but the same great flavours.

Now available in major retailers and Häagen-Dazs stores islandwide. The mini stick bars are available in two multipack options: Green Tea & Almond with Mango & Raspberry, and Chocolate Choc Almond with Vanilla Caramel Almond.

*All images shot on Nikon D7500

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