A Hidden Cafe in Korea: Grunge


Forget about time! Kick back and relax for the entire day in a grunge themed cafe.

Located in a narrow alley, not too distance from Sangsu Station, Grunge is a cafe with an industrial-chic interior that would make you want to chill and spend the rest of the day there doing absolutely nothing.

Besides serving coffee and the usual suspects, the cafe also offers a good selection of non-caffeinated drinks; simply the perfect hangout for light refreshments and desserts after dinner or a meal.

If you’re like us (we were hiding from the blistering cold), nothing beats having a hot cup of freshly brewed Peppermint Tea to warm the soul and a slice of Matcha Azuki Cake to appease the tastebuds. And although we happened to be here by chance, we easily spent a few hours just enjoying the coziness of the cafe.

 Grunge-Seoul-Food-on-Fork Grunge-Seoul-Food-on-Fork Grunge-Seoul-Food-on-Fork

서울 마포구 상수동 93-104 2층

Opening hours / Information:
Open Daily, Closed on Monday

+82 70 7787 3922



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