Food on Fork Recommends: Things to do and eat in ...

Food on Fork Recommends: Things to do and eat in Shenzhen

Just across the Hong Kong border lies Shenzhen, the UNESCO City of Design that never sleeps, and interestingly home to China’s first stock market and McDonald’s.

Shenzhen, a modern metropolis in southeastern China is known for its beautiful beaches, vibrant art scene, cheap eats and close proximity to Hong Kong with popular shopping destinations such as Luohu Commercial City, a massive mall with a vast array of consumer goods, from tailors’ custom clothing to faux designer bags to the latest tech gadgets.

If you find yourself making a stopover at Shenzhen or considering a day trip from Hong Kong, read our guide below featuring shopping tips and hidden finds, the best culinary eats and things to do in this bustling city.

爱上小面 (Love Hot)

First order of business, fuel up on a bowl of spicy and numbing hand-pulled noodles. A favourite staple in China, you can hardly go anywhere in Shenzhen without spotting a noodle stall each time you turn a corner. One of our favourites is Love Hot, a popular noodle chain store known for their beef noodles and fiery mala selections.

爱上小面 (Love Hot)

金牌小龙 (King’s Dumpling)

True to its name, this place serves up one of the best dumplings, dim sum and Shanghai-style soup dumplings in Shenzhen. If you are planning on visiting on a weekend, be prepared to wait in line for a tiny bit.

金牌小龙 (King's Dumpling)
Yitian Holiday Plaza, B2-3
9028 Shennan Ave, Dongmen, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518053

罗湖口岸 (Luohu Commercial City)

After filling up your bellies, a visit to the infamous Luohu Commercial City is a must, even if you do not plan to buy anything. Located right at the immigration customs that links China to Hong Kong, Luohu Commercial City is a popular destination for visitors looking for a good bargain and is also internationally known for its counterfeit designer goods and high quality fakes.

Pro tip for everyone: Don’t leave without a bargain. However, only bargain if you intend to buy an item as vendors tend to get quite feisty. It’s always better to have an idea of how much you want to pay for a particular item and be firm about it.

罗湖口岸 (Luohu Commercial City)
Shenzhen Railway Station Square Road Luohu District, Shenzhen 528000, China

喵皇朝 (Meowtopia)

Wait a meow-ment, do you even need a reason to visit a cat cafe? Not only do you get to play with these fury kitties, the cafe also have a paw-some menu with a selection of signature drinks and sweet treats.

喵皇朝 (Meowtopia)
City Plaza, 1095 Shennan Middle Road, Level 4, 406E-F
Address in Chinese: 深南中路1095号城市广场4楼406E-F

深圳猫树里咖啡厅 (Mao Shu Lin)

A quaint cafe hidden in the woods, but not quite literally. Perched on top of a gigantic tree right next to the highway sits, Mao Shu Lin cafe, a perfect spot if you are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to unwind and do a little bit of reading.

深圳猫树里咖啡厅 (Mao Shu Lin)
3676 Nanhai Avenue, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
Address in Chinese: 深圳市南山区南海大道3676号

The Peat

Located in the centre of Che Gong Miao (车公庙), the PEAT Cocktail & Whisky Bar serves up some of Shenzhen’s best craft cocktails and the city’s largest selection of whiskies. On the ground floor, they also serve speciality and drip coffee for the likes of caffeine connoisseurs.

The Peat
207/2F, Tairan Building, Tairan 6th road, Futian District
Address in Chinese: 福田区泰然六路泰然大厦2层207

Dongmen Pedestrian Street

Dongmen Pedestrian Street is not only home to China’s first McDonald’s, you can also expect to find every Chinese street food there is from the simple yet delightful Dou Jiang You Tiao to exotic and unique eats such as fried insects at this one convenient location.

Dongmen Pedestrian Street
Pedestrian St, Dong Men, Luohu Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518001

Hey Tea

Hey Tea, who took the world by storm with its signature cheese tea, is probably one of the more popular tea shop chains in China. When in China, do as the locals do and drink cheese tea. Lactose intolerant or not, if you love bubble tea, their cheese tea is definitely worth a try!

Hey Tea
Shop T3078, 3/F, UpperHills South Side One 
5001 Huanggang Rd, Futian District 

OCT Loft Creative Culture Park

Once an industrial area and factory compound, Oct Loft has been transformed into Shenzhen’s very own art central for creative types and hip people from all walks of live. Alongside the endless rows of galleries and art showcases, you will also find many cafes, restaurants, bars and shops selling unique trinkets here.

Oct Loft Creative Culture Park
Kaiping St, HuaQiaoCheng, Nanshan Qu, Shenzhen Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 518053

*All images shot on iPhone Xs

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