A Better Florist: Order blooms on the go

A Better Florist: Order blooms on the go

A Better Florsit - Food on Fork

We ordered their blooms and put our own spin on it! A Food on Fork collaboration with A Better Florist.

Did someone say free same-day delivery of fresh flowers islandwide in Singapore? Does sound a little too good to be true. In fact, we put A Better Florist to the test and sure enough we got our order delivered to us in just 90 minutes! If you ever need flowers at the very last minute on a special occasion, you can definitely count on them.

Besides the delicate craftsmanship in each and every signature blooms from A Better Florist, you can also send in a request to get your own customised bouquet at a really affordable price tag. What more, the flowers sold here are sourced directly from flower farms in Cameron Highlands to ensure the freshest quality possible. You can also order flowers in Bunches for your dining table or go for one of their selections in Farmer’s Choice to add some green to your overall decor.

Gifting flowers have never been easier and you should try them out for yourself.

*All images shot on Nikon D7500

A Better Florist

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