Fresh Bakes in the City: Anguk 153

Anguk53 - Food on Fork

Anguk 153 is a two-storey bakery & cafe serving a wide selection of freshly baked goods and patisserie.

Located along the busy main street of Anguk-dong, this bakery & cafe is easily accessible via Anguk Station (take Exit 1). It is quite hard to miss as it’s the only kale-coloured building along the street front and if you smell something aromatic along the way, you are definitely heading in the right direction.

Serving mainly European-style baked goods and pattiseires, this is a great spot for picking up pastries or a sandwich and a cup of coffee or takeaway a loaf of artisan bread.

Whether is it sweet or savoury, fluffy or crusty, there’s something for everyone at Anguk 153.

Anguk 153Anguk 153Anguk 153

Anguk 153
51 Yulgok-ro,
Seoul, South Korea


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