The Amazing Sweets Lab of Gangnam


ASL Cafe, which also stands for the Amazing Sweets Lab are most known for their signature cakes served in a hot sizzling pan…

Located in the hip area of Sinsa-dong Gangnam District, ASL Cafe is a posh two-storey joint that goes big on their desserts. We were certainly surprised by how much we enjoyed the Sizzling Vanilla Cake, which was served in a hot sizzling pan, topped with a scoop of ice cream and whipped cream, garnished with fresh summer berries and drizzled in a creamy caramel sauce.

Just the thought of it, is drool-worthy; that moist, sweet and creamy, hot and cold, fluffy yet crumbly texture is a combination so hard to describe unless you tried it yourself.



ASL Cafe
강남구 도산대로11길 31-10
Seoul, South Korea

+82 2545 4521

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